Dryser Mini Air Mover Carpet Dryer 1/12 HP Industrial Floor Fan – Orange Carpet Drying Fan Floor Blower

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  • Built to withstand extreme environments and frequent transportation between job sites. Constructed with four non-marring, anti-skid, feet for stability and safety during operation, and a rugged handle for easy carrying.
  • The air outlets feature protective grill covers over the outlet and inlets to keep debris and foreign objects out of the fan for safe, continuous, uninterrupted operation.
  • Highly versatile design with 3 air flow positions allow for horizontal, diagonal, or upwards blowing functionality.
  • Lightweight at just over 7 pounds, this portable 1/12 HP air mover fan is compact but powerful making it ultra-convenient.

This air mover, carpet drying fan from Dryser is the professional’s choice for various air circulation needs.

With a precision-engineered impeller for maximum efficiency and a best-in-class CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) output from its motor, this compact yet highly powerful air mover offers exceptional and reliable performance.

Made from super-durable, polyethylene composite, this air mover fan is designed to effectively withstand extreme environments and rugged use. However, it’s surprisingly lightweight at just over 7 pounds for convenient transportation between job sites.

Highly versatile, this air mover is ideally suited for use in homes, attics, crawlspaces, basements, garages, workshops, warehouses, offices, or wherever it’s needed.

This floor blower features 3 blowing positions, allowing you to place it flat on its base to blow horizontally, inclined to either a 45 or 90-degree angle to blow diagonally (using the integrated backrests), or upwards to dry furniture, walls, or redirect the airflow as needed.

A 15′ long, US-standard 110-120 volt grounded power cord can be wrapped around the top handle for easy storage. Four non-marring, anti-skid feet keep the unit in place during operation.

Compliant to CSA & CAN North-American safety standards.

Safety Warning:
Always use a GFCI protected receptacle and extreme caution when using any electrical appliance near wet or damp areas; do not submerge or use in standing water.

9-1/2″ (long), 10-1/2″ (wide), 11-3/4″ (tall)
Electrical: 110 volt, 60 hertz, .75 amps, 1/12 horsepower.

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